We are the nexus between the physical and digital

By connecting people, knowledge, and technologies, we build a bridge between the American and European markets.

Knowing the currents of the digital age allows us to successfully guide you by understanding the challenges, on one hand and essence of your success, on other hand, and thus we are enabling the right drivers of your digital transformation.

It allows you to focus on core business and indulge in our partnership in which trust and expertise are essential elements, propelling us towards unbeatable results.

Our downstream philosophy helps the business flow with ease.

LANACO has the great driving energy that arises from the fact that the company is one of the companies in the world with three decades of experience in solving the challenges posed by the IT industry.

LANACO is proud of its partnerships and clients portfolio so far, which includes some of the global ICT leaders.

The daily improvement of the quality of business, new projects, and realized partnerships will mark the beginning of new successful epochs.